Daily - CAFE - Strategies

Professional Learning Community

  • Enrich instruction within Reading Workshop by investigating the topics of comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary.
  • Research techniques that will make reading meaningful and enjoyable for students as well as support those who struggle.
  • Collaborate and focus on strategies to use before, during and after reading to foster comprehension.
  • Encourage students to actively engage in the reading experience by keeping a Reader’s Notebook as they document their independent progress.
  • Explicitly teach thinking strategies so that students become engaged, thoughtful, independent readers.
  • Examine how to inspire students to learn, behave responsibly, and improve their relationships with themselves, other students, and the teacher through the implementation of “The Daily 5”.

  • Success will be measured by observable on task behaviors in which 90% of the class is engaged in meaningful literacy activities during the Reading Workshop.
  • Teacher will monitor on task behaviors through the use of a rubric.

Action Plan:
  • Read The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, The CAFE Book by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, and Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey.
  • Develop a resource binder.
  • Implement the rituals and routines of The First Five Weeks of Reading Workshop as the Daily 5 is launched in the classroom.
  • Create meaningful signals to redirect off task behaviors in a way that does not interfere with small group Guided Reading instruction.
  • Establish a Reader’s Notebook to monitor independent student progress.
  • Participate in online blogging communities at www.thedailycafe.com.
  • Create a Wiki to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues.
  • Meet with colleagues monthly to discuss progress and successes.
  • Arrange for peer observations to share ideas and provide feedback.
  • Attend and share at Book Club meetings and workshops to enhance teaching strategies.

Professional Goals:
  • Collaborating teachers will expand their understanding of launching a successful Reading Workshop.
  • Collaborating teachers will strengthen their understanding of the components within Reading Workshop.
  • Collaborating teachers will keep up with current trends in education by differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Collaborating teachers will form a community in which ideas and other helpful resources can be shared to further enrich the Reading Workshop.